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Next Level 250 Series

Next Level 250 Series Lesson #5

Thank you for attending Lesson 5 of our 8 week Training Series! Please note that lessons do not have to be taken in numerical order. You are welcome to start anytime during the 2 month rotation.
Here are your notes and homework from class. Keep practicing to solidify all you learned.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!


Punch Volley Mechanic

  • Good ready position with paddle out in front and elbow in front of torso

  • Soft Hand, Soft Stable Wrist, Soft Body = Don’t lock your weight down – Feel the Flow

  • Contact point out in front about 12″ in front of your toes

  • No big backswing – just turn and punch

  • Balls coming straight at your body are a backhand volley


Volley Grinder Drill

  • Stand straight across the net from your partner

  • Start a cooperative volley rally

  • Count how many in a row you can volley without messing up

  • Keep trying to improve your highest rally count!


Ready Position & Paddle Up!

  • Athletic stance

    • Feet shoulder width apart

    • Light bend in the knees

    • Slight hinge forward from the hips- don’t get chest facing the ground

  • Square up to the ball

  • Paddle Up!

    • Out in front of sternum with elbow out in front of your body

Watch this video from Pro Suzee Anderson about ready position:  Click Here for Video

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