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Next Level 350 Series

Next Level 350 Series Lesson #5

Thank you for attending Lesson 5 of our 12 week Training Series! Please note that lessons do not have to be taken in numerical order. You are welcome to start anytime during the 2 month rotation.
Here are your notes and homework from class. Keep practicing to solidify all you learned.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Lob Mechanic

  • Soft hand, soft stable wrist, soft body

  • Swing forward and up using your legs

  • Contact Point in front -balanced and on the right ball

    • Ball needs to be in front of you

    • Can be taken out of the air or off the bounce

  • Be balanced and in position when choosing this shot

    • It is an attack not a hail mary

    • Expect that it will come back either out of the air or off the bounce


Dinking with Lobs Drill

  • Players start straight on at NVZ

  • A dink rally is started – players wait for the right ball to hit the lob over their opponent

  • Players take turns who is hitting the lob 

  • Players do not run down the lob in this exercise- they are aiming for the ring targets

  • Keep track of how many times they hit a target


Running Down the Lob


Lob & Lob Retrieval Strategy

When and Where to Lob

  • Lobs are an attack!  A gentle attack but still an attack that you use to create an opportunity for your team

  • Where: 

    • Lob straight over people or over backhands

  • When: 

    • Lob when people get really low or have been pulled forward

    • To create an opportunity of surprise and shake up your opponents


Who Should Run Down the Lob in Doubles?

  • The person on the diagonal should run it down

    • They don’t lose sight of the ball as easily on the diagonal and can track it better

  • Person running it down should be calling switch

  • Person not running the lob down should stay at NVZ but turn back and watch partner that is retrieving the lob

    • If they look balanced and are taking the ball well- STAY AT NVZ

    • If they look like they are scrambling and not going to hit a safe ball – BACK UP

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