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Next Level 400 Series

Next Level 400 Series Lesson #11

Thank you for attending Lesson 11 of our 12 week Training Series! Please note that lessons do not have to be taken in numerical order. You are welcome to start anytime during the 2 month rotation.
Here are your notes and homework from class. Keep practicing to solidify all you learned.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Dinking Safe When Scrambling

  • Put on the breaks and breathe! EXHALE

  • Slow swing-  like REALLY slow!

  • Smart placement

    • If the ball gets behind you – down the line but not too close bc of Erne

    • Look for ATP if pulled out super wide


Dinking: Out of the Air vs Off the Bounce

Out of the Air

  • As long as it is above the ½ way point down the net

  • Soft hand, soft body, laid back wrist

  • A to B swing with focus on forward and low


Off the Bounce

  • Make room!  You may have to move more than you think- move at a diagonal

  • Try to avoid the short hop

  • If ball gets behind you – go down the line or middle not extreme CC again

  • If you have bought yourself some time- USE IT!  Be observant and make good choices


Scramble to Slow Down Drill

Part #1

  • 1 player at the NVZ and 1 at transition

  • NVZ player tosses a short ball

  • Transition Zone player must scramble forward and then softly dink ball in front of partners feet

  • Alternate each time who is tossing and who is scrambling

Part #2

  • Players are Crosscourt from each other at the NVZ

  • Players start closer to the T in middle to provide more room to scramble

  • 1 player tosses a sharp cross court dink and other player scrambles and has to softly dink ball in a safe place

    • Players may ATP if it is an option


Move or Hold Drill: Cross Court

Part #1: 

  • One player feeds balls to be taken out of the air to partner who is grooving that soft out of the air shot

Part #2: 

  • Feeding Partner is focusing on deep, diving dinks

  • Receiving Partner is focusing on Out of the Air vs Off the Bounce

  • 2 min round then switch roles


Purposeful Play: Think While You Dink

Trying to Generate 3 Things

  • Imbalance in your opponents

  • Open Court – could be in between, behind or in front of them

  • Opportunities – speed the ball up, offensive lob, attacks

Be aware of the angles you are hitting and what you may get back

  • Drop pins and stretch strings out mentally to get a visual of what you might get back

  • Outside quadrants create angles and open court

  • Middle takes away angles and makes them fight over who gets the ball

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